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Precious Memories and More was founded by Catherine Parvensky Barwell and Anna Pridgen after loosing their brother at the age of 44 following a short battle with cancer in 2002. The pain and grief encountered was unbearable. During the grieving process, Catherine created a PowerPoint® presentation of photos throughout his life and set to the music that he had recorded. This was played continuously at the funeral home during visitation and it was amazing how much solace friends and family members received from watching the presentation. Through that experience, came the start a company whose main purpose was to help others through the grieving process by keeping their loved ones close to them.

Catherine already had a website design and multimedia publishing company, Integrated Learning Technology, and used her knowledge and experience to design and develop the best combination of online memorials and memorial prints available. She felt it important that each memorial be personally created rather than deployed by a database driven template where your memorial looks like everyone else's. Rather she wanted to offer a special gift just for you. Your loved one was a unique individual; their memorial should be as well.

In 2005, Anna decided to leave the business and focus on other areas of her life.


Your loss is what this business is all about. We have three different ways for you to memorialize a loved one. Precious Memorials™ are memorial videos created with photographs of your loved one in happy times. The pictures are transferred to a video tape with a beautiful sunset on the beach in the background. The soothing music and waves take you to a time and place before your loss. These videos can be made available to be shown at the Funeral Home or Church during visitation. They are such a comfort to family and friends when there are truly no words that can heal your aching heart. They are also a special keepsake for you and your family to keep those memories frozen in time to treasure forever.

We also offer online memorials where friends and family around the world can access a website specially designed for your loved one. It is a special way for everyone to come together and pay tribute to a very special life without leaving their home. These memorials can include a Photo Album, Biography, Gift Page and a Guest Book as well as one or more Tribute Pages with a poem especially selected for your loved one. There are different packages for you to chose or you can customize exactly what you want your tribute to be. This tribute is also a way to keep your loved one as close as your PC. Birthdays and special occasions will come and go. Now you can have a place to add your thoughts to the memorial like sending a special card or note. Each Online Memorial has it’s own web address. Your Tribute is not displayed in a commercial alphabetical search from a main page where anyone can invade the privacy of your thoughts and memories. Your loved one is one of a kind. We feel their memorial should also be.

We also have a special gift section where we custom design printed tributes which can be framed and displayed in order to keep your loved one's memories close to you. Each one is customized with the name of your loved one. These are perfect gifts for the families that are grieving in lieu of traditional flowers. Unlike flowers, these keepsakes last forever. They can also be made available to be placed on an easel by the casket during visitation. There is a large selection to choose from so you can make your special gift perfect for your special person.

In the end, the prime focus of Precious Memories and More is you. Some people cross our path in life and some leave their mark. Then there are the ones that change our lives forever. These memorials are dedicated to the people in our lives that have made our lives worth living. Precious Memories and More is dedicated to the Memory of our loving brother and very special friend, Emil Paul Parvensky. May he rest in peace and know that he lives in our hearts forever.


Catherine and Anna

What people are saying about us:

"Thank you so much for the memorial of my mom. It is beautiful !! We all cried. I absolutely love it. I love the work you are doing with precious memories and more. I will be spreading the word to my friends. When I look at your website, I am just in awe of how well done it is. I am sure it will be a sucess."

~ Mary O'Grady, NV

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